Three Disappearances And A Song


As the grandfather’s presence in the country becomes increasingly problematic, the mother decides never to touch a camera again. At the same time, the father becomes obsessively convinced of his disappearance. Lost among the absence of images, the film encounters a rare event in 1976, in Montreux: Nina Simone returns to the spotlight.

Screenplay: Nadia Ghanem

Cinematography: Nadia Ghanem, Faris Hamdan, Ahmed Ghanem

Editing: Tariq Abdallah

Producer: Muhammad Taymour, Fady Gamal

Production: The Motion of the Images, Medrar

Nadia Ghanem

Born in 1998. A filmmaker based in Cairo. She worked as an assistant producer and director for commercials, series and independent film projects. As a photographer, some of her pictures were featured in Photo Vogue by Vogue Italia and were exhibited in Cairo Photoweek Festival and Cocoon Cultural Center. Nadia recently finished her first short film “Three Disappearances And A Song” (2021).

World Premiere


Documentary, 2021, Color, 29 min

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Nadia Ghanem