syndicates Accreditation
Accreditation is now open


The required materials

In order to apply for Syndicate accreditation you must update your Personal Profile and Contact Information by logging in here. Once you have completed your information please click on the Accreditation tab and upload one of the below:

Syndicate of Representative Professions  and Cinema Syndicate Members

Upload a copy of  your valid ID card issued from Egypt .


Accredited syndicate Badge Regulations


Syndicate Badge issuing request instructions:

– The Syndicate Badge request is completed by submitting the online accreditation form.

– Filling the online accreditation form does not mean your request to cover the festival is approved.

– If your request for accreditation is approved you will be notified by the festival.

Syndicate Badge benefits and conditions:

– The Syndicate Badge will grant you access to attend Cairo Industry Days activities

– The Syndicate Badge does not grant you access to the festival’s opening, and closing ceremonies.

– The Syndicate Badge does not grant you the right to directly access the festival film screening. You will have to pull out your free tickets for the selected films via the festival’s ticket booths.

– The Syndicate Badge grants you 3 free screening tickets daily (depending on tickets availability); one ticket for each screening.


– In the event that free screening ticket is pulled out and not used , you must return the free ticket to the ticket booth at least one hour before the screening of the film.

– If the incident of not using the free ticket occurred twice, the syndicate Badge will be revoked, and you will not have access to any further free screening tickets.