A Second Life


Gadeha is a victim of a car accident. Penniless, his mother, Borkana, is helped by Malika and Moez, a benevolent couple that offers to pay for the hospital fees. Gadeha meets Oussama, Malika and Moez’s child who is recovering from a kidney transplant. A strong friendship is made between the two boys.

Screenplay: Chema Ben Chaabene, Anis Lassoued

Cinematography: Amine Messadi, Adonis Nadhem Romdhane

Editing: kahena Attia Riveil

Cast: Yassine Tormsi, Mohamed Zakaria Chiboub, Jamel Laroui, Chema Ben Chaabene

Producer: Chema Ben Chaabene

Production: Lumières Films

Anis Lassoued

ِA Tunisian director has a degree from the IMC – Institut Maghrébin de Cinéma – Tunis and the University of Tor Vergata – Rome. In 2006, he made his first short “Magic crop”. In 2012, he shot a fiction Sabbat El Aïd (My Shoes). In 2016, he received the National Award for the Protection of Children’s Rights for his cinematographic work defending Children’s Rights. “A second life” is his first feature.

World Premiere


Fiction, 2021, Color, 93 min

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Anis Lassoued