The film takes place late autumn 2013 during the curfew in Egypt, “Faten” who gets out of prison after 20 years to find her daughter “Leila” unable to overcome the past and abandons her. The only thing on her mind is that her mother murdered her father. On the other hand, ‘Faten” refuses to reveal the main reason of the murder, leaving her daughter believing all the rumors said by the neighbors, that she cheated on her husband with ‘Yehia”. ‘Yehia’ never tried to defend himself because of the promise he made to “Faten”. This situation puts “Leila”, Faten’s daughter in conflict between rejecting her own mother and gradually missing her.


Mohamed Hefzy, The President of the Festival, says that the audience of Cairo International Film Festival are always interested in any participation of an Egyptian movie in the international competition. It is a challenge that the jury undertakes every year to choose the right Egyptian film that will represent the Egyptian cinema internationally and able to compete amidst with the most important films of the year internationally. This was achieved at the 42nd edition of the world premiere of the feature film ‘The Curfew’. The world premiere at The Arab World and Africa for the documentary film ‘Ash ya Captian (Lift like a Girl)’ by May Zayed, after its international premiere at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival.


Hefzy explained that in addition to his happiness with the participation of two of the best films of 2020 in Egypt for both documentary and narrative cinema, he is also proud of the Egyptian film industry, which has overcome this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic and continued working, offering a distinguished production worth citing it internationally, a story of success added to its great history.


“Cairo International Film Festival is the best start for the film’s journey”, commented Amir Ramses on his film “The Curfew” after being chosen to participate in the international competition. Assuring that the crew did not hesitate for a moment to postpone it after its world premiere in the 42nd edition of Cairo International Film Festival.


Ramses said, he is contented to be back for the official participation in Cairo International Film Festival after 15 years of the screening of his first feature film ‘End of the World’ in 2005.

Ramses explained that ‘The Curfew’ was made for the Egyptian public, and therefore its first


screening at the prestigious Cairo International Film Festival is the proper launching of the film before it is officially released in theaters by the end of this year.


The film, written and directed by Amir Ramses, stars Elham Shahin, Amina Khalil, Ahmed Magdi, Arefa Abdul Rasoul Mahmoud El-Leithy, and Ahmed Hatem with the Palestinian actor Kamel El-Basha, with a special appearance for the director Khairy Beshara. The Film is produced by Safielden Mahmoud, Baho Bakhsh, Sally Wally, Moataz Abdul Wahab and Sherif Fathy.


Amir Ramses is an Egyptian director, born in 1979, he graduated from the High Institute of Cinema in 2000. He initially worked as an assistant director with the internationally acclaimed Egyptian director Youssef Chahine, before beginning his own journey, and presenting successful films that succeeded in representing the Egyptian cinema in both local and international festivals. He won many awards on his conspicuous documentary “Jews of Egypt”, which participated in more than forty international film festivals, including Montreal World Film Festival, Hamburg Filmfest in Germany, Palm Springs Film Festivals. I

n 2014, ‘Cairo Time’, was screened at the opening of ‘Arabian Nights Program’ at Dubai International Film Festival. Amir Ramses has been a member of the jury of several festivals and is currently the artistic director of El Gouna Film Festival in Egypt