Cairo International Film Festival announces the date of its 45th edition, which will be held from November 15 to 24, 2023, at the Cairo Opera House.

The festival had previously announced the date of the new session headed by Hussein Fahmy, the festival’s president, the festival director, director Amir Ramses, and the director of the programming office, critic Andrew Mohsen, during the participation of the artistic administration within activities of current session of Berlin International Film Festival.

It Is worth noting that the 44th edition witnessed participation of 108 films from 53 countries, including 30 films that was premiered for the first time Internationally through the festival, and 57 films that premiered for the first time in Middle East and North Africa.

The last edition witnessed a large public turnout, and the number of guests participating the festival reached 480.

In its forty-fourth edition, the festival awarded Hungarian director Bella Tarr the “Golden Pyramid Appreciation” award for lifetime achievement, for being one of the most prominent international filmmakers who were able to achieve major successes throughout their artistic career.

The great artist Lebleba was also awarded the “Golden Pyramid Appreciation” award for lifetime achievement, in recognition of her artistic career, which began at an early stage in her childhood.

The director, Kamela Abu Zekry, was awarded the “Faten Hamama” Award for Excellence, for her distinguished directorial imprint.

Based on the festival’s pivotal role in strengthening and developing the film industry and preserving cinematic heritage, the 44th edition of the festival witnessed the restoration and re-presentation of two classic Egyptian films, “Diary of a Deputy in the Countryside” by Tawfiq Saleh and “Song through the passage” by Ali Abdel Khalek.

The Cairo International Film Festival is one of the oldest and most regular festivals in the Arab world and Africa, and is unique in that it is the only festival in the Arab and African region registered under Category A at the International Federation of Producers in Paris (FIAPF).