Thieves In KG2


A young man who loves to steal is led by circumstances to be responsible for the daughter of his friend, a thief who got imprisoned and left her for him until he gets out, so he takes her t a kindergarten and there he meets a teacher and falls in love with her. Without knowing it, his love changes his life, reveals a human side, pushes him to change his life, and decides to stop stealing and lead an honourable life instead.

Screenplay: Belal Fadl

Cinematography: Ihab Mohamed Ali

Editing: Mona Rabie

Cast: Karim Abd El-Aziz, Hanan Turk, Magued Al-Kidwany, Maha Ammar

Producer: Loai Abdallah, Wael Abdallah


Fiction, 2001, Color, 100 min

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Sandra Nashaat