Then Came Dark


In the Lebanese wintery wilderness, a mini-van arrives. Two men get off the van into the cold forest and set off on their quest. The tall trees and the grey sky are their witnesses. Armored with a shovel, a rope, and an axe, they soon arrive at their destination: a lonely verdant tree amid the naked forest.

Screenplay: Marie-Rose Osta

Cinematography: Marie-Rose Osta, Muta’z Salloum

Editing: Marie-Rose Osta, Rakan Mayasi

Cast: Ali Jamil, Hussein Khalaf

Producer: Marie-Rose Osta

Production: the postoffice, db Studios, anchor films

Marie-Rose Osta

An independent filmmaker and producer. Graduated with a masters degree in filmmaking from Alba University in Beirut. She wrote, directed, and produced 3 short films, “Gangbang”, “Status-Quo” and “Then Came Dark”. She is currently developing her first feature film, “Rewire”.

World Premiere


Fiction, 2021, Color, 15 min

Film Information

No Dialogue


Marie-Rose Osta