Pack of Sheep


Thanasis can’t pay off his debt to Stelios. When he finds out that Apostolis is in the same position, he asks him to join him to make a better deal with Stelios. While Thanasis tries to put more players in the game, two young gangsters arrive in town to push over the debtors.

Screenplay: Dimitris Kanellopoulos

Cinematography: Stelios Pissas

Editing: Myrto Carra

Cast: Dimitris Lalos, Aris Servetalis, Giannis Vassilottos, Lefteris Polychronis

Producer: Elina Psykou, Konstantina Stavrianou

Production: Jungle, Graal

Dimitris Kanellopoulos

Born in Arkadia. He studied cinematography and has worked as sound engineer in a large number of shorts, feature films, and documentaries. He has written and directed five short films which participated in many international film festivals. Pack of Sheep is his first feature film.

International Premiere

Greece, Albania, Serbia

Fiction, 2021, Color, 113 min

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Dimitris Kanellopoulos