Little Farewells


A T.V broadcasts news about the pandemic while a young woman is having dinner. Her movements build up rapidly. We see the heavy ticking of time and the suffocating lockdown act out through her body, trapped between the film’s cadre and the loophole of a pandemic that ravaged the world.

Screenplay: Shantel Liao, Hang Ning

Cinematography: Shantel Liao

Cast: Hang Ning

Producer: Yoichi Nakamuta, Henry Hsiao

Production: alamak!project

Shantel Liao

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Studied theatre in London, photography in Paris and New York, settled in Berlin until the pandemic. As a photographer, Shantel’s work has been exhibited in Documenta 14 in Athens, photo festivals and galleries from Europe, USA to Asia. She is also an alumnus of Eddie Adams workshop. “Little Farewells” is her first film. She is currently working on a feature film about a young woman’s journey from Taiwan to Amami island in Japan, planning to shoot in 2022.

World Premiere

Taiwan, Japan

Fiction, 2021, Color, 4 min

Film Information

No Dialogue


Shantel Liao