It's Nothing Nagy, Just hang up!


It’s the Holy Week in Egypt. As the quarantine is still imposed, the local Coptic communities have decided to use the virtual world to carry on their annual rituals. In the meantime, Youhanna tries to teach his grandmother how to use modern-day technology to stay in touch with her friends during the lockdown. The prayers are performed online, although affected by the uneven internet connections. Youhanna’s only escape is the online video calls with his friends. Reflecting on the global situation that has suspended all social activities around the globe, he starts to document his ordinary day-by-day life.

Cinematography: Youhanna Nagy, Ronney Riad, Chenxuan Gao, Elisa Vasiliu, Anna Pagor, Jordan Seitz

Editing: Youhanna Nagy

Cast: Chenxuan Gao, Jordan Seitz, Alba Orozco, Youhanna Nagy

Producer: Ronney Riad , Youhanna Nagy

Production: Jesuits cultural center Administrator in alexandria

Youhanna Nagy

An Egyptian director and editor (25 years old). Recent graduate of Jesuit Film school in Alexandria. He is a program manager in Jesuit Cinema Club in Alexandria, and a mentor in the camera chica program supported by the british council. He has been working as an editor for 4 years.

World Premiere


Documentary, 2021, Color, 30 min

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Youhanna Nagy