Happy Town


Ande lives in Happy Town, where his father is the mayor, and no great tragedies or catastrophes occur. One day, home alone and while working on a school report, Ande’s night is disturbed by a young man, Milton, who breaks into the house. Both discover they belong to different worlds, despite living in the same town.

Screenplay: James Camargo De Alba

Cinematography: Andres Morales Duarte

Editing: James Camargo De Alba

Cast: Steven Arzuza, Javier Santamaria, Sandra Monica Cubillos, James Camargo De Alba

Producer: Julian Garcia Valero

Production: Cóncavo Films

James Camargo De Alba

Born in Barranquilla (Colombia) and studied Drama at the Universidad del Atlántico. Later, he moved on to Bogotá and began his career as a screenwriter and director while working as an actor. He won Colombian incentives in scriptwriting during 2016 and 2017 with the feature film scripts “El Paraiso” and “Suenos De Carton”, respectively, delivered by Proimágenes Colombia. He has directed the short films “Acto Final” (2015), “La Tele” (2018), “The Ice Cream” (2020) and “Happy Town” (2021).

World Premiere


Fiction, 2021, Color, 8 min

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James Camargo De Alba