From Cairo


Heba is a photojournalist, artist and single mother. She struggles to make ends meet by working as a photojournalist. In a therapeutic exchange, Heba meets Aya, who is a young woman who lost her parents at a young age and tried to conform to expectations by getting veiled. 

Screenplay: Hala Galal

Cinematography: Mayye Zayed, Kesmat ElSayed, Ines Marzouk

Editing: Aya Yusuf

Producer: Kesmat Elsayed

Production: SEERA Films

Hala Galal

An Egyptian filmmaker (writer, director and producer). She is the founder and executive director of SEMAT Production & Distribution supporting Alternative/Independent Cinema in Egypt. She has led SEMAT, a cultural hub with links to a number of civil society organizations involved in the creative sector and youth as well as women organizations in Egypt/the Arab Region. Hala produced more than 10 films for first time directors. Her long documentary ‘Women ChitChat’ won the Silver Prize at the Arab Rotterdam Film Festival.

World Premiere


Documentary, 2021, Color, 65 min

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Hala Galal