Enough… Lebanon’s Darkest Hour


The film follows the Australian-Lebanese filmmaker Daizy Gedeon’s independent introspection into how Lebanon has ended up in a state of complete catastrophe, exposing the country’s dark underbelly which is its most sinister enemy.

Screenplay: Daizy Gedeon

Cinematography: Justin Hanrahan, Tim Small

Editing: Marcus D’Arcy

Cast: Darina Al Joundi, Walid Alami, Michel Aoun

Producer: Ronny Mouawad, Patrick Rohr

Production: Dream Creations

Daizy Gedeon

A journalist, filmmaker and entrepreneur born in Lebanon then migrated to Sydney as a child following unrest in the region.

Growing up in multicultural Australia during the 70s, Daizy was surrounded by hard-working immigrants, whose undeniable work ethic and dedication to their families proved an inspiration.

She’s devoted her life to doing all three – through her illustrious career as a journalist, the development of her groundbreaking films and documentaries, her role at the helm of GDR Group and her community participation and philanthropy.

MENA Premiere


Documentary, 2021, Color, 94 min

Film Information

English, Arabic, French


Daizy Gedeon