Blind Spot (Angle Mort)


Under the Ben Ali dictatorship in Tunisia, on October 7, 1991, a man was abducted, tortured in prison, and eventually killed for allegedly belonging to an Islamist movement. Unaware of her son’s death, Kamal Matmati’s mother would still go above and beyond for years, trying to reach him with letters and clean clothes. Thirty years later, a trial is held addressing Matmati’s death at the hands of the Ben Ali regime. The mother is asking for her son’s corpse so they can give him a proper burial. Matmati’s voice, who speaks to us posthumously, raises a discussion about the manipulated collective history that serves only the oppressors’ agenda.

Screenplay: Lotfi Achour, Nathalie Duport De Pontcharra

Cinematography: Hazem Berrabah

Editing: Malek Chatta

Cast: Ghassen Rguigui

Producer: Anissa Daoud, Olfa Ben Achour, Lotfi Achour, Sébastien Hussenot


Lotfi Achour

Theatre and movie director, Lotfi Achour has directed over 25 theatrical creations in different countries and directed five films including Law of the Lamb, selected in official competition at Cannes 2016.

International Premiere

Tunisia, France

Documentary Animation, 2021, Color, 14 min

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Lotfi Achour