And I Was Left Behind


Through the words of a grandmother, the memories of her sewing machine, the children’s songs, and the drawings on the wall, the filmmaker reenacts an ode where she becomes her child self and her grandmother at the same time. The foremothers’ songs and the colorful fabrics weave the stories of distance, longing, and loss.

Screenplay: Maysaa Almumin

Cinematography: Maysaa Almumin

Editing: Maysaa Almumin

Cast: Maysaa Almumin

Producer: Maysaa Almumin

Production: Doha Film Institute Documentary Lab

Maysaa Almumin

Born in Kuwait, lived in the UK, and currently resides in Qatar. She is the writer, director, and producer of several short films, including ‘…And I Am Left Behind’ Maysaa is also an actor and has performed in numerous short films made by up-and-coming Arab directors, including the award-winning ‘Sh’hab’ and ‘Black Veil’. Maysaa is currently developing her first feature film, “Good Grief”.

World Premiere


Documentary, 2021, Color, 7 min

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Maysaa Almumin