A Woman Without Restriction


 Abdul Hamid, who works for the border guards in Ras Al-Bar, meets a gypsy (Nour) who gives herself to him. Nour works for Abu Doma, a drug smuggler, so she takes advantage of her relationship with Abdul Hamid. When Abdul Hamid discovers the truth, he fights with Abu Doma, who loses consciousness, so Abdul Hamid thinks he killed him. Nour makes a deal with Adham, another smuggler, to smuggle Abdul Hamid in exchange for giving him herself.

Screenplay: Yusuf Sibai, Elsayed Ziada

Cinematography: Kamal Karim

Editing: Abd El-Aziz Fakhry

Cast: Nelly, Hussien Fahmy, Saeed Abdel Ghani, Wedad Hamdy

Producer: Gerges Fawzy, Mohamed Al Ashry

Production: Dr. Mohamed Al Shry Films


Fiction, 1978, Color, 110 min

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Henry Barakat