Press Accreditation

Press Accreditation
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The required materials

In order to apply for Press accreditation you must update your Personal Profile and Contact Information by logging in here. Once you have completed your information please click on the Accreditation tab and upload one of the below:

Egyptian journalists

Upload a recommendation letter from an Egyptian newspaper or media indicating the newspaper’s request to cover the festival by the journalist who is the submitting the form.

Foreign journalists living in Egypt

Upload a copy of  your valid journalist card issued from Egypt .

Arab and foreign press requesting to cover the festival

Upload a letter stamped and approved by a newspaper or media indicating the newspaper’s request to cover the festival by the journalist who has submitting the form. The letter should include the main information about the media outlet  (type, periodical, field of interest, distribution, online traffic , etc.).


Accredited Press Badge Regulations


Press Badge issuing request instructions:

– The Press Badge request is completed by submitting the online accreditation form.

– Press accreditation is open from August 1st until September 30th, 2022, no accreditation request will be considered past the deadline.

–  the festival allows journalists, who are officially assigned by their relevant authorities and by the festival, to get their press badge for 50 EGP and 200 EGP for visual journalism badge (To be paid in cash at CiFF head office at 17, KASR EL NILE, CAIRO, EGYPT).

– Filling the online accreditation form does not mean your request to cover the festival is approved.

– If your request for accreditation is approved you will be notified by the festival.

Visual journalism Badge benefits and conditions:

– The visual journalism badge grants access to the announced activities of Cairo Industry Days, also the badge grants its holder submitting interview requests with the festival’s guests according to the availability of the guests.

– The visual journalism badge grants access to the festival’s opening and closing ceremonies, according to a prior arrangement with the management.

– The visual journalism badge grants access to the cinema halls during the seminar of the screened film.

-The content teams and correspondents, who carry the visual and journalism badge, are allowed entrance to the cinema halls once they get their ticket for the film of their choice. as the badge provides four free tickets per day, each for a different film, and that is throughout the duration of the festival.

– The Press Badge does not grant you the right to directly access the festival film screening. You will have to pull out your free tickets for the selected films via the festival’s ticket booths.

– The Press Badge grants you 4 free screening tickets daily (depending on tickets availability); one ticket for each screening.


– In the event that free screening ticket is pulled out and not used , you must return the free ticket to the ticket booth at least one hour before the screening of the film.

– If the incident of not using the free ticket occurred twice, the Press Badge will be revoked, and you will not have access to any further free screening tickets.

For any clarification, please email us at


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