Panel: The world of AlRawabi School for Girls

Great stories can come from anywhere and travel everywhere. This was the case for Netflix’s AlRawabi School for Girls as the show landed in the Top10 lists of many countries around the world and was dubbed as a regional pop-cultural milestone. Creator, Executive Producer and Director of the show, Tima Shomali, takes the stage to talk about her vision for the series and all that went into creating the fictional drama-packed teenage world of AlRawabi. Tima will be joined by renowned actress Rakeen Saad who plays Noaf as well as Joanna Arida who plays Rania. The one-hour session will focus on the efforts that went into developing and bringing to life the story that resonated with viewers around the world.

Where: Cairo International Film Festival

When: Cairo Opera House

Duration: 90 mins (including 20-minute Q&A)

Moderator: Hala Khalil

Panelists: Tima Shomali, Rakeen Sa’ad and Joanna Arida