A Day for Women

Egypt | Arabic | Color | 111 m
Subtitles: English

A new swimming pool opens in a Cairo district, with the announcement that Sundays will be only for females. This causes ripples throughout the local community, while three women - Shamiya, Azza, and Lula - assess their varying lives.  


Kamla Abo Zekry  

Bio: An Egyptian film director whose extensive oeuvre encompasses several films, including; MALEK WE KETABA (2005) and A’N EL ESHQ WEL HAWA (2006), WAHED SEFR (2009), 18 DAYS (2011), and A DAY FOR WOMEN (2016) which opened the 38th edition of CIFF. Kamla Abo Zekry’s repertoire of TV drama includes A GIRL NAMED ZAT in 2013, SEGN EL NESA in 2014,WAHET EL GHOROUB in 2017. In 2020, the drama hit 100 WESH, and recently in BETOLOU’ EL ROUH in Ramadan 2022.