La Ricotta

Italy, France | Italian | Color and Black and White | 35 m
Subtitles: English, Arabic

A director attempting to make a film of the crucifixion of Jesus—all while he, the cast, and crew behave in the most un-Christlike ways imaginable.


Pier Paolo Pasolini  

Bio: A renowned Italian poet, novelist, motion-picture director, playwright and political figure. Having discovered a passion for the arts early in life, he was able to move seamlessly between drawing, painting, writing, poetry and filmmaking. Pasolini’s films focused on the imperfect yet relatable youths from the borgata (Rome’s slums) of his time. Pasolini’s filmmaking style was very direct, and it dealt with a lot of controversial issues. His filmography includes films such as  ACCATTONE, MAMMA ROME, ARABIAN NIGHTS and SALO, OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM