MENA premiere (Middle East and North Africa)

France, Belgium | French | Color | 104 m
Subtitles: English, Arabic

Houria is a gifted dancer with dreams of joining the Algerian National Ballet. To make ends meet, she works day and night until she gets assaulted one day, which would turn her life upside down.


Mounia Meddour

Bio: She studied journalism and then trained in cinema in france. After making several documentaries, she directed her first short fiction film Edwige (2011). In 2019, she directed her first feature film PAPICHA, which was presented in the Official Selection at the Festival de Cannes 2019 as part of Un Certain Regard. Acclaimed by the critic, the film received the César for Best First Feature, in 2020, while Lyna Khoudri was awarded Best Female Newcomer. PAPICHA also represented Algeria on the list of submissions for the Oscars. 

Contacts: ziadc@teleview-int.tv