Inside Netflix’s Post-Production process

Post-production is the bringing together visuals and audio to elevate the story, define the genre, and engage with viewers. Untrue to its name, Post-production preparation and planning starts before the cameras start rolling. In this workshop, Netflix's post-production duo Karim Boutros Ghali and Frank Piazza will share with you Netflix best practices, as well as industry learnings to ensure that your project is flawlessly delivered. In this session, Karim and Frank will outline the process that works best in the TV and Film industry touching on creativity, budget efficiencies, and scheduling, as well as the most common post-production mistakes made in the region. The workshop builds on real-life examples, deconstructing processes adopted on the latest Netflix series.

Where: Cairo International Film Festival

When: TBC

Duration: 90 mins (including 20-minute Q&A)

Audience: Accredited industry professionals only, no press

Session Hosts & Participants

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Karim Boutros Ghali
Manager, Post Production (Arabic Originals) Karim has been in the industry for over 20 years, working in the Middle East and Scandinavia before settling in France for 15 years. He founded and ran a Post Production consulting and supervision company in France for 10 years supporting numerous award-winning films. Karim has been actively involved in this arena as a consultant and mentor for several funding forums and is currently focusing on supporting regional vendors, helping uplift the Post Production landscape.