Egypt - France


Namir, a movie director based in France, is invited to give a workshop in Egypt for a group of beginner filmmakers. But can a teacher really help his students, while he is himself stuck in his own movie about his mother death?
And what if the students become the ones helping Namir to overcome his deep fears, and finish his movie ?

Director's Bio:

Namir ABDEL MESSEEH born in 1974 in Paris studied film directing in la Femis. He directed a few short fiction films before exploring more personal questions through his documentary “You, Waguih”, the portrait of his father, a former political prisoner under Nasser.

With Oweda films, his company, he produced his first feature documentary “The Virgin, the Copts and me” was selected in Cannes, Berlin and a hundred of other festivals.

Namir also works as a hypnotherapist and a creative coach, and teaches creative writing.

Producer’s Bio:

Camille Laemlé
is an independent producer at Les Films d’Ici company. She produces documentaries with Serge Lalou, as Fire at sea by Gianfranco Rosi (Arte Cinema), Golden Bear Berlinale 2016, nominated for César and Oscar 2017, Between Fences by Avi Mograbi, Berlinale 2016, A maid for each by Maher Abi Samra, Berlinale 2016, Silvered water by Osama Mohammed and Wiam S.Bedirxan (Arte France) Official Selection in Cannes. She’s currently producing numerous projects around the world, including Dead Souls, Wang Bing’s next documentary. Camille Leamlé has also produced Noccturno, the last film of Gianfranco Rosi, History of the working class in Europe directed

Ali el Araby
is a producer based in Cairo focusing on socially motivated long- and short-form movies in the Middle East. He produced CAPTAINS OF ZAATARI (2020) ( Sundance Festival, Vision du réel, Nyon / CPH. DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival) and is now producing Yousri Nasrallah’s next feature film.