Like every Friday, Lala Aicha, an elderly middle-class Moroccan woman, visits the grave of her husband. to update him about the word crisis and wars without knowing that a man her age is observing her lovingly: Ssi Ahmed. This jovial, charming ex-taxi driver is full of life and has set his eyes on her. He is determined to court her and win her heart!
Lala Aicha who always had a tidy life and who firmly believes that love is just something you see in movies and songs, discovers little by little the joys of love, the pain of anticipation and the pleasure of sharing the simple pleasures of life. But they soon understand that the society they live in is merciless towards love, whatever the age is.

Director's Bio:

Mohcine Besri was born in Meknès, Morocco. After studying chemistry and playing small roles in several films, he traveled to Switzerland, where he studied computer science, worked in finance, and taught mathematics. He returned to the world of filmmaking, first as an assistant, then as the director of two short films and the co-writer of Laurent Nègre’s Operation Casablanca (2010). He wrote and directed his first full-length feature film Les Mécréants in 2012. The film was a great success and received numerous awards and nominations. His second feature film, Laaziza (2018), was widely acclaimed by critics. Une Urgence Ordinaire (2020), his third feature film, attracted both Arab and Western audiences, giving it a great career in festivals and in numerous reviews.