Tamer (17) is a Palestinian living in Israel. He and his friends lead a typical high school student’s life until the arrival of the beautiful Maysaa’. To please her, Tamer agrees to take part in a mysterious flag operation on the eve of Israel’s Independence Day which is a mourning day for Palestinians called Nakba (catastrophe).

Director's Bio:

Firas Khoury, Palestinian director, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in cinema. Khoury has several short films to his credit; among them are the award-winning movies Seven Days in Deir Bulus and Yellow Mums, broadcasted in many festivals and on TV. His last short film Maradona’s Legs, which premiered at Palm Springs, received 45 international prizes and is screening on Netflix starting from 15th of October.

Producer’s Bio:

Marie-Pierre Macia researched film preservation and curated films for the San Francisco IFF. Macia is the former Director of the Directors’ Fortnight (Cannes), where she presented the debut films of such now-famous filmmakers as Carlos Reygadas, Sofia Coppola, Cristi Puiu… Macia has served as jury in many festivals and is the Head of the co-production forum of the Thessaloniki IFF.