Because She Created – Hend Sabry: Amplifying Arab Women Filmmaker Voices

Netflix is hosting the second edition Because She Created, an initiative that aims to amplify the voices of Arab women filmmakers and talents and bring to light the evolution of women’s roles in the entertainment industry in the Arab world. The session that is exclusively hosted at the 43rd edition of the Cairo International Film Festival will feature a discussion with one of the most renowned talents in the Arab world, Hend Sabry. In this session, we will probe Hend on her journey as the Executive Producer of Netflix’s upcoming series ‘Finding Ola’ as well as the opportunities, challenges, and learnings she faced as a mother, actress, and producer while working in the Arab film and TV industry.

Where: Cairo Opera House

When: 01 December 12:00 PM

Duration: 90 mins (including 20-minute Q&A)

Audience: Accredited industry professionals and press

Proposed Moderators:

  • Jasmine Taha (TV presenter, celebrity journalist)